BlueprintHave you ever found any of these things to be true?

  • You want to create a brochure, but you’re not sure what’s most important to say.
  • Your wonder how to promote a special event in a way that stands out.
  • You and your co-workers talk a lot about branding, and you wonder how that translates in social media.

Your marketing skills are probably not the issue here. You may simply need a road map to carry out your project.

For any marketing project within a nonprofit, I recommend starting with something the advertising pros use all the time – a creative brief.

What is a creative brief?

The creative brief is a blueprint for your project. The brief helps you clarify your messaging by asking you questions about your target audience, your purpose, your resources, your time frame. Then it walks you through all the steps to completion.

Creative briefs are especially helpful for team projects. The brief sets a common goal for everyone’s work and details each person’s unique role in making that happen.

Take a leap of faith

I wrote my first creative brief – for a volunteer recruitment web page – with a great deal of skepticism. It seemed like overkill for a modest nonprofit project – an unlikely solution to my marketing issues.   Working my way through the questions posed was time-consuming. Surely, I could make better use of my time by just diving into the project.

The only catch was that I had tried diving into the project already and ended up with a page that was not very compelling.

Using the brief to guide me through my next marketing project was a revelation. By the time I sat down to map out the actual project – pulling things together went quickly. And the final page was clear, on message, and successful in generating inquiries.

If you take the time to write a creative brief, it will not only save you time, it will clarify your purpose and pave the way for future projects all falling into one consistent brand.

Try one!

Are you curious about how a creative brief might simplify your next marketing project? Try out one of these sample creative briefs and let me know how it goes.