TH Guest Blogger Liza Dyer shares another handy app to keep us on track.

Pocket Screenshot - Twenty HatsDo you have FOMO, also known as Fear Of Missing Out? Maybe you have TBD, or Too Busy Disorder. Either way, you are going to miss out on things on the internet every single day. And not just things, but important things that can make you a more informed, connected, and knowledgeable professional. In a world of information overload, how can you keep up?

I use the free version of Pocket to save and organize volunteer management and nonprofit resources. It’s a powerful and accessible way to bookmark things you want to read, watch, or look at later.

Don’t have time to read that great article a colleague emailed to you? Save it to Pocket and read it when you have the time. For example, Nonprofit Quarterly wrote about a Wall Street Journal article about boomer docents at a museum “going wild.” I’d already read the original article, but wanted to read what Nonprofit Quarterly had to add to the conversation. I didn’t have time to look at the whole thing when I first saw it, so I saved it to Pocket.

Pocket is on my smartphone, laptop, tablet, and desktop computer. I save articles, tweets, videos, infographics, and more. I’ll add some categorizing tags if I have time, or take a few minutes to organize My List (as named by Pocket) so I can locate that one article about that one thing when I really need it.

Aside from organizing by tags, there’s also a search feature so you can find anything you’re looking for that has been previously saved. You can also sort by type: Articles, Videos, and Images. Other features within the app or web version include marking items as favorites, sharing content through email or social media, adjusting text size and font, as well as changing the background color for an enhanced reading experience. By reading within Pocket, you’re spared the annoying ads you’re usually forced to endure on other websites. But, if you’d rather read an article on the original site, there’s a button for that too.

I’ve been using Pocket for a few years and it’s helped me keep up with information at a comfortable pace. My FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is kept at a minimum because I save things to enjoy later. I may be fairly busy, but I don’t have TBD (Too Busy Disorder) because I’m not trying to inhale every resource that’s available as I hear of it. In other words, Pocket helps to keep me sane and informed. Maybe it’ll help you too.

P.S. I have not been paid by Pocket; I’m just a big fan!

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LizaJDyerLiza J Dyer, CVA, has worked in the nonprofit and public sectors for over 10 years and is currently a Program Coordinator in Volunteer Services at Multnomah County Library. Outside of work, Liza holds leadership positions with Northwest Oregon Volunteer Administrators Association, Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Portland, and the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration. Connect with Liza on Twitter.