Achieving Buy-In for Your Volunteer Program

What ranks high among the common complaints of volunteer managers?  It’s how to bring decision-makers and co-workers around to engaging volunteers in a way that increases retention and delivers on the organization’s mission.

Achieving buy-in is possible when you stand by your vision of a high-impact volunteer program and communicate that vision in a way that influences others. In this webinar, we will explore the elements of buy-in and apply them to a typical volunteer management scenario. Learn how to think strategically about your program and the possibilities for expanding its reach.

This webinar will help you:

  • Shift your perspective on what it takes to achieve buy-in
  • Think strategically about which stakeholders to bring on board — and when
  • Consider more effective ways to communicate your ideas

Come away from the hour with a new ideas and specific approaches to bring others on board with your important ideas.

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Your registration includes everything: a pdf copy of the slide deck, a Principles of Buy-In Handout, and a reading list to continue yout skill-building. Deadline to register is Friday, September 7.