Behavior-Based Interviewing for Active, Engaged Board Members

Bring on board members who go the extra mile for your organization


Have you enlisted new board members with an interest in your cause and great professional experience ⁠— only to find that they did not pull their weight?

Have you concluded that boards are bound to include some low performing members?

It’s possible to seat an entire board with motivated, comitted members – if you master the principles of behavior-based Interviewing.

Behavior-based interviewing is an extremely effective technique for assessing the fit of high-commitment volunteers — including volunteer board members. The method is demonstrated to lower volunteer drop out rates and raise the average volunteer time commitment. This form of screening also increases the likelihood that the individuals you bring onto your board will be reliable, collaborative and willing to meet expectations.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

• Get clear on the competencies needed for an active, enaged board

• Craft behavior-based interview questions that screen for each competency

• Learn when to incorporate behavior-based questions – and when to retain traditional questions

• Address a candidate’s “EQ,” or emotional maturity

• Maintain objectivity while assessing candidates

• Accept or reject a board candidate with confidence

This workshop is for nonprofit Board Chairs, Executive Directors, and Nominating Committee members. Got questions? Email Elisa at