Volunteer Roles that Build Capacity and Increase Giving

Learn how to strategically engage volunteers to help build capacity for your organization.

Volunteerism has changed dramatically in recent years – and for the better. Volunteers are seeking out more meaningful, cause-driven roles. Smart nonprofits are engaging those volunteers strategically, with the intention of building capacity in a cost-effective manner.

In this workshop, we will explore the potential for your nonprofit to more fully meet its mission by expanding volunteer engagement. We will examine innovative volunteer and brainstorm how to adapt those roles to your organization. Participating organizations will also assess themselves and identify next steps in preparing for greater volunteer engagement.

Reimagining Service found that only 15 percent of nonprofits nationwide leverage volunteers in ways that strengthen the overall performance of the organization. Where does your program stand?

Registration Fee:
$25.00 for Center Members, Industry Members, and YNPNdc Members; $99.00 for all others

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*Full refunds are available to those who cancel within 48 hours.