Webinar: Behavior-Based Interviewing for Reliable, Loyal Volunteers

Screen for volunteers who will stay, engage, and enhance your program!


How would you like to master an interviewing technique that increases the retention and overall fit of highly specialized, high commitment volunteers ― volunteers like the docents, advocates, or group leaders that you need to sustain your program?

Behavior-based interviewing has been demonstrated to lower volunteer drop out rates and raise the average volunteer time commitment. It also increases the likelihood that the volunteers you bring on board will be reliable, cooperative, and motivated to do their best.


In this webinar, you will learn how to:

•  Craft behavior-based interview questions that zero right in on the competencies you seek – including professional skills and interpersonal strengths

•  Interview with behavior-based questions to achieve objective results

•  Evaluate a candidate’s responses to minimize the “maybe” zone and know which volunteers to bring on board


You can also expect to:

•  Get super-clear on the competencies needed for your volunteer roles

•  Know when to incorporate behavior-based questions  – and when to retain traditional questions as appropriate

•   Address a candidate’s “EQ,” or emotional maturity


Spaces are limited. Claim your spot today!*

*Your registration fee includes everything: a pdf copy of the slide deck, a behavior-based interview “cheat sheet” and template for formulating new questions.