Webinar: Getting Ready for a Volunteer Impact Measures Strategy Session

Have you considered creating volunteer impact measures and don’t know where to start?  Master the prep for a successful, effective strategy session.


This content-packed, interactive webinar takes the guesswork out of creating a volunteer impact strategy session and streamline the process so that you are ready and motivated to create this valuable evaluation tool.

Learn how to:

  • Quantify what you stand to gain from creating these metrics – and assess the time and funding you might be losing without it
  • Identify the staff most likely to inform the process
  • Select the plans and outcomes that will lead to high-impact metrics
  • Use a special logic model to create metrics that are relevant to volunteer activity
  • Plan an implementation timeline that encourages completion and accountability

To register, go to VolImpactSuccess.eventbrite.com

*Your registration fee includes everything: a pdf copy of the slide deck, a strategy session prep list, and a volunteer metrics review handout. Deadline to register is October 5.

Spaces are limited. Claim your spot today!*