To write a good volunteer story, choose the right volunteer

PenNow that you have a recruitment plan in hand, it’s time to consider the marketing techniques that will bring you to your recruitment goals. One of simplest, most inexpensive – and most powerful – ways to engage prospective volunteers is by telling the story of a current volunteer.

The average visitor makes a decision about a website in 5 to 7 seconds – that’s a very short window to grab someone’s attention. Stories are a great hook to draw someone further into your site and keep them there to learn more.

As a volunteer manager looking to recruit, you want to craft a story that appeals most to people who resemble your successful volunteers.

That means you must carefully select the volunteer that you write about. You want to profile a volunteer who will provide you with plenty of raw material for a compelling story. Look for a volunteer who:

  • Meets the typical demographic of your successful volunteers – your DNA Study will help with that.
  • Feels an emotional connection to your work and can talk about it
  • Has accomplished something significant for your program – something attainable by other volunteers

Choosing the right volunteer will make the rest of the writing process much easier. Your subject may not be your most loyal volunteer, or even your most effective volunteer. Instead, find the volunteer who can communicate what is special about your program in the most powerful way.