Put yourself in your reader’s shoes and write a great volunteer story

POV post - Twenty HatsIf you’ve been reading past blog posts and doing your homework, you have a good foundation of preparation for writing a great volunteer story.

Now it’s time to park yourself in front of the keyboard and start to write. As you craft your piece, ask yourself who you are writing for –

— You, or your future volunteer?

When we write up a profile, the natural tendency is to write from our point of view.

Let’s say you manage a mentoring program. Perhaps you value your volunteer because she turns in her reports on time and is willing to pick up other tasks, like answering the phones. While these things may be important, and you may decide to touch on them, they will not excite your readers and encourage them to read on.

You have already interviewed a volunteer to profile who resembles the volunteers you most want to recruit. Now you need to flip your perspective and write the story from the prospect’s point of view.

Let’s say your reader is looking for a mentoring position and there are three primary things that she seeks:

  • A way to make a meaningful connection with a young person
  • The satisfaction of helping someone in need
  • A flexible way to volunteer that does not require set hours or days of the week

You need to focus your piece around these three items and stress them up front.

The good news is, if you selected your story candidate carefully and taken lots of interview notes, you have the raw material to address these wants and needs. Pull out your interview notes and highlight the sections that match up. Organize these highlighted elements so that the most resonant material comes first and start writing your first draft.

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